But who are you to judge me?


Happy 2nd year Anniversary!

The Love that we have in our hearts will last FOREVER!

Thank you so much beben!

I really appreciate it lalo na ung message mo <3

na-surprise tlga ako (kht n andaming “nosey” jn s video)

I Loooooooooove Yoooooooooou Soooooooooo Much!

Aug 5

first friday :)

we attended the mass at Sto.Sepulcro Parish Church (Landayan) because it is the first friday of August..and we missed going to Baclaran Church last wednesday becasue of heavy rain..

It just so happened that while waiting for the mass, justine said “pakasal na tayo!” (looks serious)..I was overwhelmed that I smiled at him saying “tara!after ng mass”..

That made my heart beat faster thinking “this man really loves me so much”.. And I realized how much I love him in every minute, every second of my life..

Thank you Lord for giving me someone that will make me happy and will show how wonderful life is..

Aug 4
me and my super duper kulit nephew joash mmwwaahh! :)

me and my super duper kulit nephew joash
mmwwaahh! :)

Aug 2


simba bukas with justine :)
wag po sana umulan..pls! pls! pls!

first Wednesday of August..
my oh my! malapit na..
(kabado na kami..) T.T

i have to burn belly fat :)

My top 5 foods that speed up your metabolism and burn more belly fat!

1. Eggs - Eggs are rich in proteins and amino acids contains a perfect high quality! Eggs also contain vitamin B12, which plays an important role in helping the body burn more fat! Do not worry about cholesterol warnings, dealing with the eggs, because more recent studies have shown that dietary cholesterol has little effect on blood cholesterol. But if you are still concerned about cholesterol, you can remove the yolks and eat only egg whites, which contain protein and fewer calories! Many people make the mistake this time, and mix some bacon or sausage with egg omelet!

2. Steel cut oats - steel cut oats are my favorite and most of the fiber oatmeal. You can get oats in many ways, such as oatmeal lower your cholesterol and blood sugar remains stable. In most cases, when someone asked to talk about some foods that burn belly fat, the first I have heard that oatmeal! Eat at least 1.7 ounces of steel cuts oats in the morning mixed with Blueberries, containing 16 essential nutrients and 1 / 4 teaspoon of honey, which is better than sugar. It is the combination of real food to increase metabolism and are in good taste!

3. The whole grain foods - in fact, no special food, that group of foods that have not been addressed, leaving all these important minerals and the food fiber. May believes that some carbohydrates are bad and low-carb diet is the answer to losing belly fat, you must look at the mirror. Eat low carbohydrate to zero, your body starts to them.Then demand is very easy to fall for something, in most cases, the burgers and pizza. Look for whole bread, brown rice and wholemeal bread. Usually contain more vitamins and minerals necessary for your diet if you want to burn fat from the stomach. You have a homemade pizza can be a tasty if made from whole grain ingredients.

4. Lean cuts of meat - ground beef and turkey are good muscle builders and boost the immune system. Both contain many proteins, but be careful with the red meat. For example, beef and contains more saturated fat than poultry! However, if you are a fan of red meat and lose belly fat should be targeted to low fat (2-7%), beef. Beef and elk also contains more creatine in their natural form and you will feel more satisfied. If you want to have a good combination of foods to increase metabolism and spices to your meat red pepper and garlic.

5. Beans - Beans are good sources of protein, fiber and iron, and thus support the health of the body and help you lose belly fat! But because most of them have little taste, can be broken or cooked and added to beef, turkey or a salad to complete the consistency of food. There are many means of production and should be avoided especially those refried or oven. Be sure to cook your beans well because our digestive system is adapted to break down certain proteins in some of the beans.

> got from google..
> night work-out :)

i hate this kind of feeling!

hindi ako makaalis ng bahay dahil baby sitter..

hindi ka naman OL para makachat ko..

wala ka din namang load para makatxt ko..

walang makausap d2 sa bahay kasi wala akong kasama..

tapos na ko maglaba at maglinis ng bahay, ngayon wala na akong magawa..

naghahanap ng gagawin pero wala akong maisip na gawin..

tsk tsk tsk..

ayoko ng ganito..


Reblog if you thank God for all the blessings so far in 2011.


thank you Lord for everything!

without You, I’am nothing..

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Feb 8

are you really waiting for the expiration date??

Even the most effective drug expires if unused..

what more with the strongest feelings if ignored??

right joyce?hehe..

right joyce?hehe..


they never did



they never did



i realized that being different is much better than pleasing someone by being one of them..dba dba? hehe..

Be with someone who knows exactly what they have when they have you. Not someone who will realize it when they’ve lost you.


its CHRISTmas..

Let the spirit of love
gently fill our hearts and homes.
In this loveliest of seasons
may you find many reasons for happiness..

I can’t find any words to say how much I thank God for everything that He has done to me,to my family and to my loved ones..

Let us remember the true essence of Christmas..

Happy Birthday Jesus! :)

fooling around?

fooling around?